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How do I Test for Internet LAN (cat 5/6 cable) Connection

Test for Internet Connection Using Your Cat5 Cable

Customer just said "Sure" you can connect to my router using a Cat5 cable. What do you do next?

Take it for granted that you can connect to the internet rather easily and schedule the install? Unfortunately, this is a common mistake that happens way too often. This can cause a lot of wasted time and most importantly increased frustration levels. If there is one hang up that usually happens at installs it is internet connections and this is easily prevented with just a little time put in to testing.

Always test the connection first, either at the time of Host agreement (the "Sure") or at some point prior to install. This will allow you to not only ensure that you have a connection but also pave the way for a smooth and quick install.

How do I test?

Use your laptop or a device with a LAN adapter (ethernet port) and using a Cat5 cable plug into their ethernet port that you are going connect to. *Do not use your WiFi on your cell phone

Bring up a browser (Chrome, Explorer etc..) go to a site such as Yahoo.com and click on a news story and see if you get to it with no issues. 

If YES, go to fast.com and test for speed. All you have to do is visit the site, the test will automatically start. If you get anything under 15 Mbps then we may have some concerns. If you get any Kbps then it definitely will not work. Speed is too slow and content will never download correctly. 

If NO, keep testing other pieces of hardware (or one's the Host has said you can try) and look for Yahoo.

What if you can not get on the internet?

This would probably be a question for the Host's IT or individual who set up their network.

What do you need from their IT?

A plug and play port to get out to the internet.

What if my laptop does not have a ethernet port?

Purchase a USB ethernet adapter, on amazon they usually cost around $10-$20.


If you are uncertain on what you are looking at and need a little help take a few pictures, send them to us and we'll see if we can assist you.

Here some examples of Host router connections