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LG TV set up Just Scan-Timer-SIMPLINK

In this article we are going to cover the OverScan feature known as Just Scan in the LG as well as the Timer settings for OFF/ON of the TV.

Just Scan

How do I know if Just Scan is ON or OFF?

If you can not see the Pi icon at the top left corner then it is ON, the Just Scan creates a Zoom effect. If you can see the Pi icon chances you are fine and do not have to worry about this step.

Depending which Operating System (OS) you have with the purchase of your LG your menu settings may look different but they perform the same. We have included a few pics of different OS's just in case your model does not exactly match up.

First, using your remote select the settings button to bring up the menu

On the left side select Picture then arrow over to Aspect Ratio Settings and press OK

There you will see the option to disable Just Scan




This allows the TV to power OFF and ON at selected times. The limitation is you can only select a time for OFF and a time for ON for all days not a specific time for each day of the week. Select the times that will cover the hours of operation for the entire week. Ex: M-F open 8-5p and Sa Sun 10-2p, select Hours 8a ON and 5p OFF for all days.

This should only be used if the Pi's power source is being used from the TV's USB.

With your remote select the settings button and arrow over to General on the left side of the Menu and arrow over to Timers

Select Timer Power On and select the appropriate values for each section

*IMPORTANT: For Input make sure that you select the correct HDMI.

Repeat the process for Timer Power OFF

If you have not set the time on the TV it will prompt you to set the time.


*Do not attempt if you are using the USB from the TV to power the Pi

This service is to allow the TV to recognize the Pi. If the TV is OFF and the Pi performs a reboot it will power ON the TV.

With your remote in the General settings arrow to SIMPLINK and push OK 

Select Auto Power Sync ON

Test if the TV recognizes using the following steps.

  • Reboot the Pi
  • Turn OFF the TV
  • Power OFF the Pi
  • After 30 seconds power ON the Pi, the TV should power ON.

Repeat the Test using the Smart Plug if applicable. Use the Smart Plug to turn OFF the Pi.


Just like anything test at home or office first we do not recommend attempting to perform any actions for the first time at the Host location.

If you are interested as to what is Overscan you can read more here.

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