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Pictures After Install for Tech Support

Pictures of Your Install

Pictures helps us get a visual of how you are connected and set up. This allows us to better service you in the future when it comes to troubleshooting or in some cases what not to do prior to completion. We are not looking for pictures that are marketing quality or professional just something that gives us insight on how your are set up. Usually 2-3 pictures is more than enough but if it takes more then we are not going to discourage you from giving us more details.

What we would like to see

How the player is connected to the TV.

Where the internet source is coming from and how you are connected.

If it is a simple plug into a router or a switch, then great you're lucky! Sometimes there are several other pieces of hardware that are in between the original internet source (cable company modem) and where you are connected. We want to see that too!


Doesn't matter how scary or confusing it may be we want to know.


Send pictures to hostinstalls@n-compass.biz or you can text them to the help line. 

Pictures help us help you, so please help us service you better by allowing us to see what you are seeing.

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