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Am I connected to the Internet

How can I tell if I am connected to the Internet?


Equipment you will need:


• Keyboard

• Mouse




1. If the Ads are playing, Press (Ctrl+Shift+K) to terminate the software from playing the Ads which leads you to the desktop screen.


2. Check your Anydesk connection. Select the Red Diamond at the top right of your screen.


3. Once opened your Anydesk number for your Pi device will be displayed, look at the bottom left and look for a green icon Anydesk Ready indicating an internet connection has been established and device can be accessed.



4. If the Anydesk icon at the bottom left is not indicating Ready (not green but red) then Open the Internet browser (Globe icon on the  upper left corner - See pic below) - go to Yahoo.com and select a story to see if it loads correctly (do not go to google since the google page might be a cached version making it look like you're connected to the internet). The right side of the picture that shows the up and down blue arrows indicate that there is an internet source connection via ethernet cable (this does not mean that you can make an outside connection).