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Smart Plug-Geeni App

Smart Plug Installation

In this article we are going to discuss connecting the WiFi Smart Plug using the Geeni App. They are available in both the Android Play Store HERE or in the App Store HERE.  The purpose of this particular set up is having this service available to you via an app allows you to restart the Pi remotely without having to visit the Host location. Example could be a technical error that requires a reboot or for some reason the TV is not on and a reboot of the Pi will turn on the TV (refer to article HERE for TV power ON set up). The App can also be shared with coworkers and more importantly with tech support. The hardware that we are using is HERE

Some key points to understand prior before moving forward

  • This is only for Pi devices (we do not recommend this for Windows).
  • The Smart Plug must be connected to the Host location's WiFi (2.4ghz).
  • The device connects to the Geeni App using the same WiFi of the device that you are using, you must be connected to the Host location WiFi (2.4ghz). Example: if you are using a phone and you are connected Host Guest WiFi when you connect the device using the Geeni App it will connect to the same WiFi.
  • If you are an iPhone user chances are you will need an Android device during certain set ups. Any Android device will do, old phone, tablet etc... It is recommended that you simply use the Android for set up to avoid any obstacles and your iPhone will have each device displayed due to the account connection.  
  • If Pi device has it's own power source or plug (not the USB from TV) then this is to connect to the Pi power source. If Pi is connected to TV then this is to connect to the TV power source.
  • As most things we recommend setting up and testing at home/ office first trying to set up at the Host location will only lead to frustration. Please have your WiFi password ready.
  • First time set up can seem tedious but after one time just like anything else it becomes fairly simple to perform every time thereafter, patience is needed. 
  • WiFi Analyzer will be needed in situations where your device is connecting to the 5ghz, (can be used on Android devices only).

Summarizing the steps

  1. Connect phone or tablet to 2.4ghz (if visibly able to)
  2. Set up Geeni account (email or with preferred phone number) 
  3. Plug in Smart Plug device
  4. Connect device to Geeni App
  5. Share account with tech support
  6. If device does not connect to Geeni App it will because the phone or tablet being used is connected to a 5ghz WiFi. A few additional steps will have to be taken in order to connect to the 2.4ghz. 

If you prefer to watch a video click HERE

Testing your at your Home/ Office

If you have a had a new router from your internet provider since about 2017 chances are you may have a single SSID or WiFi Name being displayed. The two bands (2.4 and 5ghz) are being combined into one signal and your device will connect to the best band presented at that time determined based up signal strength (usually distance), speed, and channel congestion which most of the time it will be the 5ghz. If you only have one WiFi name being displayed chances are you will have to use the WiFi Analyzer (android device only) which is a good thing to have at your home for testing purposes. This separates the bands and allows you to select the 2.4 as an option of choice for connection versus letting the phone determine best connection. 

If you have more than one WiFi name being displayed that is usually because the bands are split up and the 5ghz is usually defined with a 5 or some sort of identifier at the end of the name.

Do not connect to this one (the one with a 5 suffix) and if you are connected to it disconnect and select the one without the 5.

Open up the Geeni App and Register (using phone number or email)

Add Home (Business Name- this can always be renamed later in settings)

Plug in Smart Plug into any outlet and confirm that it is blinking blue

Return to App and click on Add Device (middle of app) or "+" sign at the top right

Select Smart Power or icon at the top left

Select "Yes it is blinking quickly"

Enter in WiFi password (if no password is required then select Confirm leaving it blank)

If not successful you will receive must be connected to a 2.4ghz- select proper SSID or use the WiFi Analyzer to connect to 2.4ghz (on Android only)

Wait as device connects 

Rename device (can be changed later) SAVE select DONE and wait for set up onto Home Screen

Touch anywhere in between the White icon on the left and Blue Power circle on the right to bring up the settings for the plug.

Test by touching the big center circle performing Socket is OFF and ON.

You should hear your smart plug click or the lighting change colors.

Return back to the Home Screen and select the drop down arrow at the top left of your screen

Select Home Management then your Home or Business Name

Select Add Members at the bottom (share with coworkers and techsupport@n-compass.biz)

Be sure to select Set as Administrator when sharing with techsupport



Using the WiFi Analyzer 

Purpose of the App is when you connect to a Host Location's WiFi then try to connect your Smart Plug only to get the message that you must connect to a 2.4 WiFi. The two WiFi bands, 2.4 and 5Ghz, are broken down into Channels. We are focusing in on the 2.4Ghz.  

If you prefer to watch a video click HERE

Open the App

At the top right click on the Eye icon and a drop down will follow

Select AP list

This will present to you a screen that is showing all the available WiFi choices available. Channels are identified by CH then a Green Number. Channel numbers 1-13 are 2.4Ghz along with the preferred WiFi Network name to the right is what you are looking for.  

If for some reason the order of the Channels is going from greatest to lowest you can select to Sort as show in the example below.

Tap on the 3 dots on the right and select Sort, this will rearrange the order. 

Once you have identified the correct Channel and WiFi Network name you simply tap on it order to connect and insert password (if required). You are now connected to the 2.4Ghz band of the location's WiFi and able to connect your Smart Plug. 

If this is the first time connecting through the app you may get a pop up app notice asking to download or accept another app for auto connection, accept the request and proceed accordingly. This is only needed to be performed once.  

You can also download the Anydesk app to your device and allow tech support view access to your device and we can watch and direct you where to proceed for set up. 

A little geek reading if you want to know more about 2.4 and 5Ghz, read HERE