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What to provide IT for Host router security


Below are 3 addresses that can be added to security to allow for pass through.




Ports that need to be open for access

Software uses 82 and 83

Anydesk uses 80,443 or 6568 



Communication from player to servers are done via TCP/IP.

Player uses IP Port 80 for content and Port 336 for remote management.

If player is located behind firewall IP addresses will be given for passage of communication.

Communication is initiated from Player inside client’s network.

Players will only respond to the predefined commands from the server and are only allowed to access its assigned account within the server.

Player software operates independent without involving other system resources from player.

Linux servers are hosted with AWS Data Center with only outside access by HTTP over port 80. To facilitate the content and distribution to the Players across the internet the servers allow HTTPS access to a web based application.


How to get Mac address on Raspberry PI

Stop software (control shift k)

Open terminal window on player


Type ifconfig then hit enter

Next to word ether in the picture below will be the 12 characters for the mac address